Clikbrix: Combining the Power of QR Codes with Real Estate

A few years back, we discussed Trade Codes from, that allowed users to create a micro listing of their house for sale or rent. I’m not sure if Trade Codes just never caught on, or perhaps they were ahead of their time, but now there’s Clikbrix.

Like Trade Codes, Clikbrix combines the power of QR code technology, mobility, and on-demand content with the power to transform the real estate marketing space. Simply point your smarphone at a sign with a Clikbrix QR code n it and instantly receive information on the property, such as photo, neighborhood information and more. Users can even search for a property, then e-mail their favorites to friends, or share them on Facebook and Twitter.

In an age where consumers seek an abundance of information instantly, Clikbrix will be able to help future home buyers and curious passerbys alike. In the past, if you saw a house that you liked, you would have to call the number on the sign, then leave a voicemail, unless you were one of the lucky few to have their calls immediately answered. Even if the real estate sign did have a url, users would still have to type in the url into their browsers, and chances are the site was not optimized for mobile use.

In addition to providing information on the house and neighborhood, Clikbrix will even provide information on the agent, so you know who you’ll be working with before you ever even meet them. In a still down housing market, it’s important that agents stand out among the crowd and tell their story, leading to more sales leads and better quality interactions.

Since smartphones continue to change the marketplace daily, it will be interesting to see if Clikbrix becomes widely used, or doesn’t live up to its potential like Trade Codes. If you’ve seen Clikbrix out and about, let us know your experience with them by commenting here, or on our Facebook page.