CID2 Devices: Choosing the Right One for You

Since Motion Computing recently received their CID2 certification, they’ve put together a handy guide for selecting the right CID2 device. Tips for choosing the right CID2 device for your needs include:

1) Define the Workflows you are Automating
Analyzing workflow is crucial to finding the right mobile technology for your company. Future end users should be included in the process, asking questions on their job functions and what would make them more productive.

2) Understand the Difference between Mobile and Portable
Just because something is portable, doesn’t mean it’s mobile—a true mobile device doesn’t hinder a workers’ mobility whatsoever. Whether workers are in the field or office, it won’t matter with a truly mobile device. Consider factors such as form, weight, and rugged vs. non-rugged depending on your needs and workflow analysis.

3) Conclude It’s Not All About the Device
The device alone will not solve any problems by itself—software, input devices, barcode and RFID readers, among other factors, all work together to create a more efficient work environment.

CID2 certified devices bring all of the benefits and conveniences of mobile solutions to hazardous areas. Analyze your workflow and work with a vendor that understands mobile technology, network and of course, your needs.

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