Choosing the Right RFID Reader for Your Application

While RFID is still a blossoming technology, there are many different types of applications for it. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a solution out there to fit your needs. Below is a list of common RFID Readers used for various applications and recommended products.

Conveyor RFID Reader
Conveyor readers are best paired with multiple antennas for case-level applications. Recyclable plastic containers with RFID tags embedded are also effective in conveyor reading applications.

Recommneded: Intermec F4 or Symbol XR440

Dock Door or Portal RFID Reader
Portal readers are used for pallet-level reading and work with presence detectors and an RF-reflective surface, such as metal mesh, in order to prevent adjoining doors being read in error.

Recommended: Symbol DC600 Portal System

Stretch Wrap Station RFID Reader
Ideal for identifying and categorizing items on pallets and associating them with RFID-enabled pallets.

Recommended: Intermec F4

Overhead RFID Reader
Bulky single items and pallets with RFID tags toward the sky can easily be read on the forklift using a fixed reader and a single set of antennas to radiate downward to an RF-reflective surface.

Recommended: Intermec F5

Handheld Mobile RFID Reader
Applications that require a search for a specific item are best performed using a handheld mobile RFID reader.

Recommended: Intermec IP4 w/700 or Symbol MC9060-G

Forklift RFID ReaderIntermec IV7, LXE RX2 or Symbol RD5000

RFID Printing and Encoding
RFID printers contain a reader module, allowing the printers to verify data commissioned to the smart label insert at the time of printing.

Recommended: Intermec PM4i