Choosing the Right Approach to Mobile Technology

The return on investment for field service mobility has never been stronger, and there is a general consensus among analyst firms that more mobility tools are needed. Despite this unquestionable need, however, some organizations are struggling to determine how to go about investing in mobile technologies and mobility solutions.

Many of them get hung up on choosing the right mobile device. There is no doubt that this is a very important decision that warrants a lot of attention. However, what can really make or break a project is the software. In fact, this is the first decision that should be made as it is the most important one regardless of the size or scale of the project in question.

It is the software that will dictate the workflow, so it is essential for quick and easy deployment and support to choose software that matches the workflow. Once the software question has been settled, it will be far easier to narrow down the mobile computer question by only focusing on those that support the software and any peripherals and other supplemental workflow technologies needed.

According to the North American Mobile Workforce Management Solutions report from Frost & Sullivan, organizations that deploy mobile tools soon learn how valuable they are and try to expand their mobile capabilities. This is why choosing tablets that are able to support future growth is also very crucial to your success.

Taking Action

To get this right, you need to solidify your workflow goals and then work with solutions partners to find out which software tools are right for the task. Then, identify the features your rugged tablets will need to make work fast, safe and accurate, whether you need an integrated barcode imager, an in-vehicle mounting system, a high temperature resistance, or a screen that is easy to read in sunlight. Keep the long game in mind, ensuring the device you choose will be able to grow with your company, and you can be sure of making a decision that will serve your organization well for many years to come.

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