Choosing a Barcode Scanner? Consider This!

When choosing a barcode scanner, there may not be an obvious choice. While price is obviously a factor, there are a lot of other factors that can make or break your decision. Mike Poldino, Vice President of Data Capture Solutions, Motorola Solutions urges us to consider the following:

What Kind(s) of Barcodes Will You Be Scanning
First and foremost, determine which kinds of barcodes need to be read and how they will be presented. Do you need to be able to read barcodes from a phone screen? Will you need high-density 2D barcode scanning capability? What kind of surface will the barcodes be on?

Considering the type of environment the barcode scanners will be used in is crucial in choosing the right device for you. For example, a much more rugged barcode scanner would be needed in the warehouse than in a retail store.

Sometimes, barcodes can become damaged, torn, or smudged—will your barcode scanner need to handle this? What about scanning speed?

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