Checking In with Mobile Barcodes: CardStar 3.0

When CardStar, a mobile barcode app for loyalty cards, first debuted a few years ago, Barcoding Inc. was there to get the scoop. Now, CardStar has become a very popular app and gone into Version 3.0.

With CardStar Version 3.0, app users can now combine their savings with social-networking via a Foursquare integration. When users check their merchant record, a new Foursquare button will appear. Once clicked, CardStar returns a list of nearby stores that users can star as their favorite. Then, when the user enters the store, the app recognizes your location, automatically checking users in via Foursquare, and eventually other location-based apps.

In addition to this, new feature, CardStar also plans to offer specialized coupons via social networking.

If you’ve already downloaded CardStar 3.0 and used the new features, let us know what you think by commenting here, or on our Facebook page.