Check In/Check Out Application

This application is much like a Stockroom Inventory application, but it allows you to not only track consumable supplies, but also to track returnable items that employees can check in and out from the stockroom.  A check in/check out application allows organizations to monitor what items are being checked out and by whom.  A check in/check out application basically functions like a library, once a barcode is scanned, items are checked out and assigned a specific due date, and whoever checks them out is responsible for their return.  This solution is ideal for educational institutions, hospitals and offices of any kind.  IntelliTrack Check In-Out software allows users to track both consumable and returnable items such as audio/visual equipment, computers, laptops and other tools.  This type of application facilitates a tighter control of assets and allows users to view who has checked out items and what date they should be returned by.  This means you can easily track down missing items and save time and money.  For additional information on check in/check out software or solutions, please contact Barcoding Inc.