Challenges in Global Enterprise for 2016 & BYOX

A lot of Vodafone‘s customers are working on a “dual strategy” that reflects the double-paced global economy. Here’s what that consists of:
• Optimizing cost and reducing exposure to risk in markets that are developed, like in Western Europe, where the current state is “slowth,” which means slow or no growth. This process involves controlling costs, reducing risk exposure and increasing operational efficiency so that organizations can attain the headroom they need to move investment to other global markets where there is growth.

• Proactively working to drive growth in markets that are emerging to balance out the “slowth” in developed markets. This time around, companies do not see the emerging markets as opportunities for sourcing at a low cost or mining minerals, rather, they are seeking to set up full-lifecycle, in-country manufacturing, selling and distribution operations for their products.

• In counterbalance to this, emerging markets are not only an opportunity; they represent a credible threat provided by newer and more nimble operators who work with lower costs.

• For a lot of companies, growth in the emerging markets will impact their IT department fundamentally. For the companies concerned, rebalancing investment in IT, as well as current resources and strategies, will be needed to harness the growing emerging markets.

The Arrival To Prominence Of ‘BYOX’ And The End User
Managers in IT will be more and more compromised as they attempt to balance the needs of as many as four generations in their workplace and bringing through the shift in how spending, decision making and power from central corporate control to the various departments, business units and finally, to end users.

This will bring about the adoption of changing forms of devices, not only between the usual device types from laptops and desktops and mobile tablets to smartphones, but also encompassing trying and testing wearables and other innovations that have the capacity to take the user experience to another level.

This means that “bring your own device” will not be limited to devices. BYOX is the new hot acronym as consumers bring their own apps, cloud sharing platforms and social sites into enterprise, in line with any expectations they have about technologies they want to use and how they would like to go about their work in the corporate environment.

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