Cell Phone vs. Radio

In a day and age where cell phones practically rule our lives, you may be surprised at first as to why they should be replaced with radios, a seemingly archaic device. However, the digital radios of today are not your grandfather’s radios.

While cellular devices are crucial to our everyday lives, there’s a time and place for everything and their place is not in the warehouse. That’s where digital radios come in.

Using a cell phone over a digital radio in the warehouse can cause valuable time to be lost if, for example, machinery malfunctions. Digital radios can transmit instant alerts to communicate issues, preventing downtime and potential accidents.

In a busy warehouse environment, it’s not always easy to hear clearly based on cellular network connections, but with digital radios, you can hear and be heard clearly and instantly. Best of all, digital radios are far more rugged than consumer-grade mobile devices, ideal for the warehouse.

Watch the video below to see the difference between two manufacturers, Bob, who relies on cell phones and Mike, who can count on his digital radio.

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