Tech-Savvy Carton Manufacturer Tracks Pallets in Real Time with RFID

Originally published in The Barcode News.

Background: Accord Carton is a third-generation, family-owned producer of unique folding cartons. Headquartered in Alsip, Ill., with an additional location in Grand Rapids, Mich., Accord Carton delivers quality-finished cartons to companies in a variety of industries.

Challenges: Manual data entry was time-consuming and put Accord Carton at risk for errors. Accord Carton was unable to produce pallet-level reports and lacked real-time insight into inventory.

Solution: RFID pallet-tracking system from Barcoding, consisting of RFID RealView™ software and Impinj RFID readers. System integration with existing ERP and WMS databases.

Results: Obtained the ability to track and monitor pallet movement in real-time. Eliminated time-consuming manual data entry and reported the most accurate inventory levels to date.

“We’ve increased the accuracy of information and decreased the costs associated with obtaining the information pertaining to pallet movement,” said William Codo, owner of Accord Carton. “We are recording our most accurate inventory levels to date.”
―William Codo, Owner, Accord Carton

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