Summa Akron City Hospital, Tracking Cot Movement in the ER

Summa Health System is one of the largest integrated delivery systems in Ohio and represents more than 2,000 licensed inpatient beds. Outpatient care is extended throughout the area in 9 community health centers.

An overcrowding dilemma at Summa Akron City Hospital created a shortage of beds and hospital staff, meaning EMS squads had to wait to unload patients. Reduce wait times for both EMS squads and patients and streamline ER services.

Barcoding’s RFID cot-tracking solution—RFID tags were affixed to cots, and Barcoding’s CaptureTech CTR3100 RFID Reader was deployed.

Access to critical data from its ER entrance. The ability to treat more patients in less time so EMS squads can move on to the next emergency. More efficient staffing and decreased patient wait times.

“Summa Health System consistently strives to bring our community the highest quality care. Being able to track the movement of EMS cots in and out of our ED shows us where staff levels may need to be increased or processes modified to improve flow. It also it allows us to monitor the impact of any interventions. By getting our EMS squads through the ED faster, they can more effectively serve their communities.”
―Dr. Francis Menci, MD, EMS Director, Summa Health Systems

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