Community College Students Get a Real Supply Chain Experience

Barcoding, Inc. donates Asset Management System to Anne Arundel Community College (AACC).

Background: AACC is a fully accredited, nationally recognized, public, two-year institution. AACC offers 225 programs of study and more than 3,500 courses including a supply chain management program.

Challenges: Lack of organizational system, which led to wasted time due to manually sorting through multiple bags of inventory to find a specific piece.

Solution: Barcoding, Inc. designed an inventory tracking solution, which includes IntelliTrack’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), a PC, barcode scanner and a wireless handheld tracking device. Clothing, costumes and other items used by the AACC Dance Department are checked-in/checked-out by students.

Results: Barcoding, Inc. improved inventory management, streamlined processes, reduced costs of lost items, reduced amount of time to manage, and provided a hands-on experience for students to apply logistics knowledge.

“We’ve been able to make the dance coordinator happy by implementing the warehouse solution while also providing our students with an active environment. Overall it has been a successful, collaborative initiative with the AACC Dance Department, the Transportation, Logistics, and Cargo Security Program, The Office of Student Engagement, the Sarbanes Center for Public and Community Service and Barcoding.”
―Kipp Snow, Instructional Specialist, Anne Arundel Community College

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