Cold Storage Case Study: A Cooler Way of Tracking Temperature-Controlled Freight

Background: H&M Bay, Inc. is the premier logistics provider of frozen and refrigerated Less-than-Truckload (LTL) goods.

Challenge: The existing pallet tracking system was often unreliable, required frequent manual data entry and hampered the receiving process.

Solution: Barcode scanning system from Barcoding, Inc., consisting of handheld scanners, printers, rugged vehicle mounts computers, and barcode labels.

Result: Improved efficiency and accuracy in tracking and storing pallets; enhanced worker productivity and expedited the receiving process.

“Our barcode system is fast and reliable – our workers love it. They can point and shoot barcodes on the move and from far away, and feel like they are in control of the device. We are no longer picking up accidental scans or requiring manual data entry, so our process is much more efficient, accurate, and connected thanks to Barcoding, Inc.”
―John Walker, Information Technology Manager, H&M Bay, Inc.

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