Barcoding Helps U.S. Home Decor Retailer Save Time and Money by Transitioning to Android

Barcoding GoLive Services™ creates a tailored solution to make deployment and maintenance easy.

Background: Barcoding’s client, a major U.S. retailer known for interior décor, brings artisan and designer home goods into living rooms around the world. This client is tasked with tracking an array of furniture and home accessory inventory around the globe.

Challenges: The crucial, but often tedious, workload of transitioning to a new set of devices can be complicated. Barcoding’s client was looking for a partner to smooth the transition and provide a solution that they could get up and running within minutes across the company’s 100+ store locations.

Solution: By digging into the unique demands of our client’s specific supply process, we created a solution to deploy Android devices across locations, while keeping the transition as light-weight as possible.

Results: With the transition complete, the furniture, housewares, and home accessories retailer is poised to reduce operating hours by 20-30 percent by using brand-new devices that were custom-tailored to fulfill the company’s specific needs.

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