Barcoding and Zebra Technologies Help Fleet Farm Migrate and Modernize for a More Efficient Future with Android

How Standardization Maximized an Investment in Modernization

Background: Fleet Farm is a large Midwestern retailer that sells a variety of inventory. In 2018, Fleet Farm became a Barcoding customer with a mobile refresh to replace aging equipment, implementing new technology at 42 stores and a distribution center.

Challenges: Fleet Farm has grown rapidly, adding four to five stores each year. In order to maintain and exceed the level of quality and service, Fleet Farm needed to overhaul its inventory management device solution.

Solution: The Zebra Technologies devices offered an all-in-one answer to the previously unconsolidated device solution that Fleet Farm had been using.

Results: In creating a unified development platform, Fleet Farm consolidated its teams’ expertise around Android for more efficient growth. This created a more seamless application experience for both Fleet Farm employees and customers.

“Barcoding has been a great partner in helping us decide on and standardize our use of the Android platform. It’s allowed my development team to focus their skills on development for a single platform rather than splitting their energy.”
― Chris Zimmerman, IT Manager, Fleet Farm

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