All About Accuracy: Canton Port Services Streamlines Data Collection to Enhance Efficiency

Background: Barcoding, Inc. streamlined Canton’s Port operations by eliminating time wasted from manually entering pertinent information.

Challenges: Workers manually entered all pertinent information into the system, and then spent additional time checking entries, fixing errors and emailing spreadsheets.

Solution: Canton has increased data accuracy and integrity in its receiving, load-out, and customs clearing processes. On the receiving end, Canton has reduced the time spent capturing and inputting each unit’s information from 10 minutes to 30 seconds.

Results: Workers now simply type in the last six digits of the VIN, which pulls up the corresponding vehicle on a monitor and generates two barcodes. By scanning the appropriate barcode, Canton automatically updates its partner’s inventory in real-time.

“From its customized software application, to the integration with our partner’s system, to hardware procurement, Barcoding was a great partner in helping us gain new efficiencies and accuracies.”
―Rex Wheeler, Canton Port Services, LLC

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