CaptureTech RFID Wedge

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, implementing RFID can be pretty complex, so it’s a good idea to talk to a professional.  Well if you’re looking to implement RFID, or to just enhance your existing setup, you have to check out the CaptureTech RFID Wedge.  The CaptureTech RFID Wedge is designed to take away some of the complexity and costs involved in implementing RFID and is a low cost way of migrating to RFID with your existing setup.  A simple plug-n-play design allows the Wedge to control an RFID reader and then filters the captured information into any software application on your PC.  The illustration below shows a sample workflow with the RFID Wedge.  Much like a keyboard wedge for a barcode scanner, the RFID Wedge connects to your PC via a USB cable, allowing information received from the reader to be sent to the legacy software application running on your PC.  But that’s not all the Wedge has to offer, there are additional benefits besides the obvious headache relief and cost savings.

The RFID Wedge has a Spreadsheet Mode that allows you to configure the Wedge to import data right into a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel with an included date and time stamp.  Another great feature, are the Wedge’s multiple trigger capabilities.  You can set up the Wedge to read tags manually, continuously, or via an external trigger.  To manually read tags you simply activate a trigger connected to the Wedge, with the continuous feature the Wedge automatically reads all tags in a specified range, or the Wedge can be activated by an external trigger, such as an optical sensor.  The Wedge also supports both Intermec and Motorola RFID readers.

If you’re ready for RFID, but not the costs and frustration, then you’re ready for the CaptureTech RFID Wedge.  For more information on the RFID Wedge please contact me at