CaptureTech Key Management Solution

Barcoding, Inc. is now offering CaptureTech’s Key Management Solution for effectively issuing and collecting keys.

Barcoding, Inc. recently announced the availability of the CaptureTech Key Management Solution. This system uses RFID and barcode technology in order to effectively manage keys, ideal for valets or any organization that issues and collects keys on a regular basis.

The CaptureTech Key Management Solution consists of:

  • KeyCop: A tamper-evident UHF RFID-enabled seal that keys attach to.
  • Key Management Software: Modular software application for easy key data management, including registration of in and outbound keys and inventory. Provides full reporting for easy audit trail
  • KeyConductor: Electronic Key Cabinet that holds 12 key positions. Allows authorized users to log into the system via integrated keypad and display.

“While typical electronic key cabinets provide security, our RFID-enabled key management system adds a new level of accuracy and efficiency to the process. With use cases in a wide range of industries, including facility management, healthcare, government, and transportation, the Key Management Solution provides users with a cost-effective, easy means of tracking and tracing keys and offers the peace of mind that only authorized personnel have access to particular items or areas,” said Maarten Anderson, CEO, CaptureTech.

“The beauty of the Key Management Solution is its flexibility. Every implementation begins with the KeyCop, but from there, we are able to use our systems integration and automated data capture expertise to build a unique solution that meets clients’ needs,” said Jay Steinmetz, CEO, Barcoding.

Learn more about CaptureTech’s Key Management Solution and watch the video below to see it in action!