CaptureTech IGOR: The All-In-One Data Collection & Location Device

CaptureTech IGOR

CaptureTech’s Integrated GPS Optimized Reader, or IGOR, is a new way to verify asset identity and location through a single ruggedized platform, making IGOR great for indoor or outdoor use.

Since real-time asset and stock tracking is key in today’s business world, timely management decisions are crucial for success. IGOR archives near real-time visibility into product location and movement throughout the supply chain. In addition, IGOR:

  • Identifies products or assets and records their location without the need for direct human intervention
  • Improves the accuracy of inventory count
  • Provides management with the inventory’s specific location within that supply chain at any time
  • Allows inventory to be effectively diverted to meet customer demands and economic trends

Through the use of RFID technology, IGOR is able to identify a product or asset based on its unique tag and notes the location via GPS, determining the responsible party involved and recording optional sensor data. From there, the data is sent to a CaptureTech LIDO based system for processing.

By integrating a high-gain directional RFID antenna in conjunction with a high performance Gen2 RFID reader and a high sensitivity GPS unit and sensor, IGOR allows for easy installation and system integration. In addition, IGOR offers USB data interface options for Ethernet, wireless, Bluetooth, or zigbee connections. IGOR also integrates well with most mobile computing platforms and since it’s data and communcations structure are LIDO based, they are optimized to achieve maximum performance when used with CaptureTech’s LIDO RFID appliance. IGOR also offers tons of versatility, allowing for vehicle, wall, or pole mounting via its universal mounting bracket and DC vehicle, AC mains, or POE power.

If you’ve been looking for an RFID + GPS solution, then IGOR may be you answer. Learn more about IGOR here.