Canada Post to Deploy More Than 8,000 Intermec CN50s

The Canada Post, the official postal service of Canada, delivered over 11 billion letters to 15 million residential and business addresses. Due to this high volume, the Canada Post has decided to equip their team of over 8,000 foot-based Carriers with the Intermec CN50. The CN50 will allow workers to meet their daily delivery operations requirements, providing a timely delivery of information to customers for all traceable items.

In an effort to move away from paper-based delivery processes, the Intermec CN50 will ensure real-time upload of scanned data. Through its EA21 scanner and powerful 3G radio technologies, the CN50 will communicate with the Canada Post Central Delivery Information Application to provide streamlined data capture and delivery processes. Peter Duncan, Director Engineering Product Tracking Processes and Systems of Canada Post stated, “The Intermec CN50 provides stronger data capture and communication capabilities than our existing handheld solutions, and will help increase our savings and improve the end customer experience.”

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