Can Your Barcode Take the Heat?

Not all barcodes are created equal, and that’s a fact. Depending on what the need is, different barcode symbologies need to be used. But, what you may not know, is that barcodes that need to survive in high temperatures (500+ degrees F), can easily become damaged unless the proper labels are used.

When barcodes printed on regular labels are exposed to high temperatures, they can easily shrink, peel, crack, or even become discolored. Any of these effects could easily distort the barcode, preventing it from being properly scanned. In addition, the adhesive on the back of the barcode needs to be able to resist high temperatures.

Depending on how high of a temperature and when your barcode label will be exposed to it, a laminate may be needed. However, if your barcode is going to be exposed to both high and low labels, it’s important to choose a material that can handle this.

By choosing the proper barcode label for your application, data loss can be prevented. Learn which barcode label is best for you.