Can RFID Prevent Distracted Driving?

Even before the advent of smartphones, distracted driving was a problem. But now, there’s so much to do on your phone besides text—whether its checking Facebook, twitter, talking or reading the latest news—there seems to be so many more appealing things to do aside from sitting in traffic.

While many states have banned texting or making calls without using a hands-free device while driving, the laws are difficult to enforce and thus, are often ignored. However, no matter what you’re doing on your phone, distracted driving is dangerous and can lead to serious accidents.

In order to prevent distracted driving, researchers in India have come up with an interesting solution to block the driver’s mobile phone while the vehicle is in motion.

By using RFID technology that can detect when the car is in motion, the system can determine if the driver is trying to use a mobile phone. If the driver does try to use their phone, a low range mobile jammer is activated and blocks only the driver’s phone from operating. Passengers would still have full access to their phones.

In addition, the researchers claim that their system could actively notify police when drivers are trying to use their phone behind the wheel.

However, what about if there was an emergency situation? Would the driver have to come to a stop before he/she was able to get a hold of the police?

If an exception could be made for emergency calls, I could see this system being used by parents wanting to ensure their teens are not driving distracted.

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