Calvin Klein Launches QR Code Campaign

It’s been a few years now since I’ve started following QR codes, and I am pleasantly pleased to announce that they are catching on more than ever in the US. While I still think it may take some time to catch up to QR codes in Japan, the US, particularly major cities such as New York, is on the right track to fully utilizing this mobile barcode technology.

Not too long ago, it was Internet Week in The Big Apple and larger-than-life QR codes were showcased throughout the city. Now, Calvin Klein is following suite. The retailer recently launched a QR code campaign in New York and Los Angelos that allows those who scan the code to receive uncensored content. Once the large, red and white QR code is scanned, users receive a Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Jeans X commercial featuing the lovely Lara Stone surrounded by male models.

However, this type of campaign may sound familiar to you. Last year, Sports Illustrated launched a campaign with JAGTAG that provided users with additional content of the scantiliy clad models in its swimsuit issue.

I think its great that Calvin Klein has found a tech-savvy way to share their racy content with those who really want to see it, rather than subjecting everyone to viewing it. However, with all these different campaigns popping up, the question still remains; which is the best mobile barcode- QR codes, JAGTAG, or Microsoft Tag? If you have a strong opinion as to which barcode is best, let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook page.