BYOD: Perceptions Among IT Executives & Employees

Throughout 2013, it’s predicted that we’ll see a rise in BYOD, but despite its increasing popularity, there’s still some major disparities between what employees want and what IT departments recommend.

Mobile giant Samsung recently commissioned a study to explore attitudes on BYOD amongst IT decision makers and standard employees. In polling 500 IT executives and consumers, it was discovered that while both parties support BYOD and the work/life balance it offers, there were still large gaps in perception regarding what IT decision makers need and what employees want in their ideal BYOD scenarios.

One major area of difference was concerning the use of CRMs—49% of IT executives stated CRM integration was a top priority, while only 28% of employees shared this belief. 43% of employees were mostly concerned with sharing large files, compared with only 23% of IT executives.

However, IT executives and employees alike agreed that device security is of the utmost importance. In order to accommodate this need, Samsung offers SAFE—Samsung For Enterprise—which offers advanced MDM, VPN, EAS and encryption capabilities. SAFE provides consistency across devices in order to aid IT departments in approving devices for BYOD.

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Check out the infographic below to see more findings between IT executives and employees regarding BYOD.