BYOD Made Easy

In today’s enterprise businesses, it’s all about BYOD—bring your own device. While using personal devices keeps employees happy, it can create nightmares for developers or IT personnel.

Allowing different devices can mean a lot of time and money spent on application development. However, Motorola offers a solution that should help alleviate developer concerns regarding the BYOD movement. Motorola Solutions now offers the RhoMobile Suite, an HTML5 application development tool built to suit the increasing demand of a BYOD culture.

With the RhoMobile Suite, device type, operating system and screen size—once arduous hurdles to develop around—do not seem to matter. Applications developed using the suite can work on any mobile device in your business, whether they are enterprise-grade or personal consumer-grade devices. In fact, RhoMobile applications are able to support Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian operating systems.

An enterprise business with a BYOD culture no longer has to be a distant dream of tomorrow, but with the RhoMobile Suite, can be a possibility of today.

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