Boost Productivity with Numina’s RDS Pick-to-Light

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and highly flexible pick to light solution for high-volume or high-density operations, Numina’s latest offering has you covered. Their RDS Pick-to-Light boasts the best productivity of all pick methods, noting rates of as many as 500 picks per hour. It can be used in conjunction with other pick technologies to create the most efficient solution for your particular warehouse; the company carries out evaluations on an individual basis to help operations determine the right mix for optimizing their return on investment.

This reliable and affordable automated order picking equipment and execution software is capable of receiving information about the order and item location directly from your WMS/ERP system and manage the picking process accordingly.

It also offers a module for labor tracking and reporting. This can help you keep track of the productivity of workers across various tasks, and it creates reports so that strengths and weaknesses can be easily identified and addressed.

Easy and Affordable

Warehouses that choose this system will find it easy to get on board. The pick to light modules can simply be plugged into power and communication mounting channels, making installation a snap. With built-in redundant power and communications, the modules can be moved on replaced in a matter of minutes, keeping downtime to a minimum. Thanks to the snap-in channel design, the installation costs associated with this automated order picking hardware are about 30 percent lower than other popular options. Moreover, there is no need for third-party software, which is another way it helps keep costs down.

For warehouses that want to add voice support down the line, upgrading to include RDS Voice is easy. This option supports voice-directed order picking as well as pick to light, making it possible to use a combination of the two technologies.

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