Bluetooth Barcode Scanning on the iPad

KoanTac Inc. recently released the KDC250, a linear barcode data collector with GPS capability, meaning it can collect location information along with barcode data. This allows for time stamps, which enhance location-based services, such as proof-of-delivery. In addition, the KDC350 allows for the GPS to transform into a GPS Bluetooth receiver.

Most enterprise data collection applications require multiple input modes and uninterrupted operation functionality not previously available from Bluetooth bar code scanners connected to iPhones/iPads/iPod touches, but KoamTac also recently released new KDC firmware that allows users to toggle the iOS soft keyboard by pressing a key so that user can use both the soft keyboard and the KDC device simultaneously. This also wakes up the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch automatically before transmitting any scanned barcode data, solving the problem of lost data.

Since smartphones and devices like the iPad have become an alternative to traditional mobile terminals, Bluetooth barcode scanners have become an essential business tool, but they do not always integrate well with phones and other devices. The KDC series supports Android, Blackbery, Apple and Windows devices, allowing enterprises the opportunity to add professional barcode scanning to their mobile workers’ handset of choice.