Bluetooth and Mobile Computing

Implementing Bluetooth® wireless connectivity can easily improve the safety and convenience in your mobile environments.  Bluetooth eliminates the cables, reduces costs and increases productivity.  Now who wouldn’t want that combination?  This technology has so much to offer I thought it’d be good to take a closer look at what Bluetooth technology is and what it’s capable of.

Bluetooth is a wireless radio frequency (RF) communication technology.  Bluetooth devices exchange data with each other without transmission having to travel through an access point or server.  Depending on what type of class radio is used, Class 1 or Class 2, Bluetooth can provide a typical range from 30 to 300 ft.  Bluetooth shares the same frequency band as 802.11b and 802.11g, but the technologies can be used together because they have different protocols for transmission power.  Wireless Wide-Area Network (WWAN) devices can also be used concurrently with Bluetooth devices.  Bluetooth protocol provides many levels of security and Bluetooth devices can be configured to communicate with only known devices to increase this security.  Bluetooth SIG can provide more information about Bluetooth security, specifications and protocols.  You’ll find that the main feature of Bluetooth technology is of course its flexibility, but it has numerous other benefits as well. 

Device Flexibility– Bluetooth offers the flexibility to use multiple peripheral devices without having to worry about unplugging and swapping out interface ports.  You can also take advantage of newer technologies without worrying about replacing your mobile computer by using Bluetooth to add peripheral capabilities.

Cost Control– without cables, there is no cost for connectors or cable repairs.  You’ll also save money by reducing lost productivity.

Increased Productivity– Bluetooth technology will save your workers time and make them more productive.  No need to unplug, plug in, readjust, or wait on replacement cables.  You can also reduce the waiting time at docking stations, because Bluetooth wireless base stations accept simultaneous transmissions from multiple mobile computers.  Bluetooth is a great time saver and also provides your workers with wireless flexibility to go where the work requires them to.  An example of this is the Intermec CV60 vehicle mount computer pictured at left.  With integrated Bluetooth technology, the CV60 will support Intermec’s Bluetooth line of printers and barcode scanners without the hassle of cables.  This provides your workers the mobility they need to be productive.

This technology makes it easier than ever to connect your mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers and PCs, just to name a few.  As you can see, this makes Bluetooth a reliable and flexible way to increase the convenience of mobile devices.  For more information about Bluetooth-enabled devices please contact me at