Blog4Mobile Adapting Web Content for Cell Phones

I read about Blog4Mobile in 2d code online magazine the other day and I had to try it out for myself.  Blog4Mobile offers users a free-service to adapt their web content for cell phones and it reads the entire blog rather than just the RSS feed.  This means your readers can access the entire content of your blog instead of being stuck with just the extracts from your RSS feed.  Another unique feature offered by Blog4Mobile is the option to create a QR Code (Quick Response Code) for your blog URL.  The original QR Code created for is pictured below.  Now readers can take a snapshot of the QR code for your blog with their QR Code-enabled phone and instantly access your blog without typing in the URL.  Users also have the option of adding their new mobile blog to a directory to increase the number of readers.  Visit Blog4Mobile to learn more about their free service and register today.