Blackberry’s Trucking Logistics Endeavors Could Lead To Bigger Things In Iot

The once-mighty Blackberry has experienced a reversal of fortunes over the years, but its new focus on the trucking logistics market could prove to be just the shot in the arm the firm needs to break into other markets.

There has been a lot of hype about breaking into the Internet of Things (IoT), but Blackberry already has everything it needs to turn itself to a relevant and successful IoT firm.

Blackberry Radar is an IoT-based system for monitoring trailers and containers and providing actionable and up-to-date data to the relevant transportation managers using a secure online portal. It’s really more of a niche solution for transportation right now, but it’s also a glowing example of the type of systems expertise Blackberry has always shown itself to have a knack for.

QNX Shows What Blackberry Is Capable Of

Blackberry’s connected car platform is based on an embedded operating system known as QNX, and Blackberry CEO John Chen says that this technology can help the car industry deliver proactive maintenance updates without visiting repair shops. He added that their solution was derived from the firm’s technology used for updating more than 50 million mobile phones across 100 countries, which is exactly the sort of expertise needed to run a powerful IoT network

While it appears that the lack of standardization in the IoT world will eventually make open source a must, many developers and the firms who turn to them need workable platforms that can help them get off the ground right away, and that is where Blackberry could really shine. The firm seems well positioned to help deal with some of the biggest problems encountered in IoT so far, such as real-time location tracking, GPS and Wi-Fi issues, and bar codes. While they might be focusing on trucking logistics for now, it could well lead to much broader applications in the IoT world.

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