BlackBerry Messenger Embraces QR Codes

If you have a BlackBerry, then you may have noticed a new option for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Users can now add contacts by scanning compatible barcodes with the latest version of BBM. In order to kick-off this new feature, Research in Motion (RIM) has been doing some stellar promotions.

Recently, at a Wham Bam concert in Toronto, RIM posted various signs with QR codes (like the one pictured), all offering different rewards such as sunblock, cell phone batteries, a VIP pass and even front row seats! Once the QR code was scanned, RIM staff would add you as a contact and message you, describing the prize and clues on where to find them.

It’s great to hear of a mobile phone company like RIM embracing QR codes, and actually offering good incentives. Next time you see a BBM QR code, you may just want to give it a scan!