Black Friday Plans to Bring In Millions of Mobile Barcode Scans

While barcode scanning apps have been around for a few years now, this is the first year that its believed that consumers will fully utilize them. Barcode scanning apps such as RedLaser saw a massive surge in downloads days prior to Black Friday. According to Big in Japan, the company behind the ShopSavvy barcode scanning app, they receive 30-50 barcode scans a month, but after black friday and the weekend, they estimate tere will be approximately 120 million scans. In fact, ShopSavvy, estimates that between now and Christmas, there will be 200 million barcode scans… and thats just ShopSavvy’s estimate. There are countless of other barcode scanning apps that will also receive a lot of scans.

What’s really neat about consumers scanning the barcodes, aside from the fact they can have visibility into the price, is that companies such as ShopSavvy can see what the most popular priducts scanned have been, giving them visibility as to what’s hot and what’s not this holiday season.

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