Black Friday Leads to Cyber Monday

With Black Friday over the weekend, it led to one of the most consumer barcode scanning weekends in history, with people constantly checking prices to ensure they get the best deal. However, let’s not forget about Cyber Monday, where all the in-store deals come right to your fingertips. I came across this cartoon that I wanted to share:

Seeing this comic made me happy for a couple of reasons.
1) QR codes are becoming so main stream they can be included in such humor
2) Cyber Monday reminded me of the huge success QR codes had over Black Friday Weekend
3) The QR code actually scanned, linking to a wiki page on profanity symbols in cartoons (try scanning it!)

It’s good to know that QR codes are finally being used by both advertisers and consumers, creating a symbiotic relationship that I think will only continue to grow and evolve. Did you scan any QR codes while shopping from Black Friday to Cyber Monday? If so, were they able to benefit your shopping experience? What about mobile coupons… did anyone have a barcode from their phone scanned? Let us know about your barcode experiences from the biggest shopping weekend by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages!