Bill Nye… the RFID Guy?

If you watched tv at some point during the mid 90’s, then you’ve undoubtably heard of Bill Nye… you know, the Science Guy. More recently, Nye has been becoming more of a “Climate Guy,” being the virtual host of a new RFID-enabled exhibition about climate change at the Chabot Space & Science Center, located in Oakland, California.

The goal of the Climate Lab is to educate visitors about the most important environmental problems. To do so, the lab uses RFID technology, specifically 12 RFID-enabled exhibits, that express climate change, identify sources of greenhouse-gas emissions and other environmental issues. In addition, the lab discusses technology on the horizon that could be implemented to combat harsh climate changes in the future. (Can RFID be used to do that too?) The RFID exhibits create an interactive and educational user experience that allow users to see that like The Climate Guy, “science rules!”

While we recently discuessed the emerging role of QR codes in education, not much has been said on uses for RFID and education. I think that RFID technology could be quite helpful in the classroom, particularly for hands-on learners. What are some other uses you can think of for RFID in the classroom? Aside from tracking students! Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.