Big Name Companies use JagTag 2D Barcodes for Marketing

JAGTAGJagtag is a type of 2D barcode that delivers audio, video, and pictures through the use of Multimedia Messaging (MMS) and 2D barcodes. With Jagtag, consumers can request and immediately receive digital content directly from an ad or other marketing collateral, as long as they have a Verizon or AT&T network.

Unlike with most 2D barcodes and mobile marketing campaigns, consumers will not need to download any sort of application; simply snap a picture of the Jagtag, send a text, and receive all of the information you were looking for. As an added bonus to advertisers, Jagtag provides analytics to measure the effectiveness of their campaign.

Here is a closer look at the process:

1) Consumer sends a picture of the code to JAGTAG (524824)
2) JAGTAG receives message along with consumer’s phone number and device info
3) JAGTAG processes code and queries the appropriate third party database
4) JAGTAG returns the appropriate message o consumer
5) Consumer opens a message from JAGTAG and enjoys content.

While QR codes are big in Japan, I predict that JAGTAG will be America’s solutions to mobile marketing through 2D barcodes because no applications are needed. In fact, Nike 6.0, Nike’s action sports brand, has already launched a large campaign using JAGTAG at the Winter Dew Tour, an extreme sports competition sponsored by Mountain Dew.

Consumers can now have Nike 6.0 athlete videos, pictures, and other information sent directly to their phone at all Dew Tour events, enabling consumers to feel closer to the athletes.

Nike has been so pleased with their JAGTAG campaign, they are currently looking at ways to integrate JAGTAG into all aspects of their marketing campaigns for 2010.

In the mean time, JAGTAG continues to pursue being added to other networks, such as Alltell, and will continue to be utilized as a mobile marketing tool for many more companies to come.