Big Brother Tracking with RFID

Big Brother Uses RFIDAlthough housemates on the hit TV series Big Brother are constantly being watched by camera, housemates on Celebrity Big Brother are now also being tracked with RFID technology, monitoring their every movement throughout the house.

The RFID tracking system will allow the show’s producers to monitor the movements and habits of the housemates 24/7. This will enable producers to analyze where contestants spend most of their time in the house as well as whom they spend most of their time with.

From there, this information will provide psychologists with the appropriate information to interpret behavior, and housemates that are voted off may be questioned about their movements that were collected throughout the course of the show.

Fifteen RFID readers are scattered throughout the house, including locations in the bedrooms, smoking area, diary room, and bathrooms. In addition, each housemate is required to wear an RFID tag throughout the series, enabling their movements to be tracked as they move past each of the RFID readers.

The newly implemented RFID technology hopes to give Celebrity Big Brother a new perspective. If the technology proves to be an enhancing feature of the show, it will be implemented on other versions of Big Brother.