Behind the Bars: Inside Barcoding, Inc.

Barcoding, Inc. was recently featured in VSR Magazine, who published an exclusive on Barcoding’s past, present and future.

What got its start fifteen years ago in Jay Steinmetz’s apartment, Barcoding, Inc. is now a national systems integrator, serving over 2,500 customers.

By having integrity, focus, customer centricity, technical savvy, targeted marketing, professional services, calculated investments and most importantly, the right people, Barcoding, Inc. has been able to flourish throughout the years.

“I’m all about working as a team. What drives me is working with people I appreciate and enjoy. We give them an opportunity to make money and support them,” said Steinmetz.

Over the past fifteen years, the industry has endured a considerable amount of change—between the economy, RFID, technological advancements and the consumerization of mobility—Barcoding, Inc. has had its work cut out for them. But, they’ve been able to thrive by staying focused on their areas of expertise, yet being flexible enough to shift with the changing market.

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