BeeTagg: Just Another Mobile Barcode?

If you’re up on your knowledge of mobile 2D barcodes, then you probably know about QR Codes and Microsoft Tag, maybe even JAGTAG and ZXing. But, have you ever heard of BeeTagg? According to their website, it is the most popular non-standard code for mobile tagging and has been optimized for it. Yet, until recently, I hadn’t heard of it!

Like Microsoft Tag, BeeTagg requires that users download their reader. Once downloaded, its functionalities are similar to other mobile barcodes, but it is particularly good in applications that require a layer of security, such as contests, voting, polls, ticketing and couponing. Also, be sure to check out which phones BeeTagg is compatible with.

While I have used and enjoyed Microsoft Tag in the past, I have to admit that the appeal of QR codes is far greater than any of the reader specific codes on the market. Many consumers don’t want to take the time to download a specific reader, and now, many phones are coming pre-loaded with QR code readers.

If you are familiar with BeeTagg, are there real advantages to using it over a standard QR code? From a marketing perspective, I can see that BeeTagg lets you easily incorporate a logo, but both Microsoft Tag, JAGTAG and QR codes can all be customized.

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