Beer Distributor Delivers Success with New Route Accounting

Comer Distributing, a wholesale beer distributer with big-name brands such as Miller, Coors, Coronoa, Seagram’s and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, distributes 1.1 million cases throughout 11 different routes. But, because of their rapid expansion and brand acquisitions, Comer’s antiquated IT infrastructure and software were holding them back.

As retailers became more demanding and suppliers were becoming more involved with single breweries, their supply chain grew complex, and Comer Distributing realized they needed to make some changes.

Comer Distributing researched many route accounting software vendors and eventually came across Rutherford & Associates. While they had no experience in the beer distribution industry, Comer Distributing was confident they could provide a route accounting software solution that would connect work in the office with work on the field, ultimately providing supply-chain visibility and access to real-time data.

By working with Rutherford & Associates, Comer Distributing was able to create daily and monthly reporting and data entry, price and inventory management more user-friendly, thus increasing efficiency. Rutherford installed eoStar on Intermec mobile computers provided by Barcoding Inc. The combination of the route accounting software, paired with Intermec devices, revolutionized the way Comer Distributing did business by:

  • Decreasing the time to check-in supplier trucks by over 30 minutes per driver
  • Saving time and using 75 percent less paper on load sheets
  • Cutting inventory time in half
  • Creating invoices on-the-go by using mobile printers

However, the benefits didn’t stop in the warehouse—office and sales workers enjoyed:

  • Uploading and downloading the latest information on prices, promotions and customers in real-time
  • Eliminating paper-based bookkeeping systems
  • Being able to automatically provide sales information to suppliers
  • Knowing inventory levels in real-time, ensuring no missed opportunities

Learn more about how Comer Distributing utilized Rutherford & Associates, and their partners Intermec and Barcoding Inc., to bring their operations up to speed, or see how route accounting can change the way you do business.