Beaming Barcodes

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was recently introduced, and its usage could mean some promising things for barcode enthusiasts. Aside from its NFC capabilities, there’s a whole new way to scan barcodes with the S4.

Samsung teamed up with Mobeam, to offer a solution to the sometimes problematic on-screen barcode scanning. Most laser barcode scanners, which are commonly used at retail stores, cannot can QR codes or scan 1D barcodes from the screen without the use of an app like Cardstar. With Mobeam, users needn’t bother pulling up a barcode on their screen, only to have to hand their phone to the cashier to painstakingly type in the numbers of the barcode. Now, consumers can use Mobeam and retailers can easily scan barcodes. But How?

Mobeam uses a mobile device’s infrared proximity sensor to pulse a pattern at a barcode scanner. This causes the barcode scanner to think that the flashing light is a reflection of a valid barcode and it scans!

With Mobeam, retailers who haven’t upgraded to 2D barcode scanners will be able to scan QR codes and customers will be able to enjoy maximum savings.

Now that Mobeam is on the Galaxy S 4, its sure to take off—they have already begun talking to numerous OEMs to get the service on new devices. And with Samsung Wallet, being able to scan barcodes at any retail location will be crucial. Could this add to the hype of Samsung “beating” Apple?

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Watch the video below to learn more about Mobeam: