Be INcontrol with Real-time Device Security, Visibility and Monitoring

Today Intermec announced INcontol, a managed service portfolio that allows for flexibility, integrated mobile devices and wireless network management services, all hosted via a web-based tool. This shifts day to day mobile device management and troubleshooting tasks to Intermec, or one of its partners, in order to allow customers to efficiently track assets, secure network investments and achieve a lower total cost of ownership.

INconrtol is offered in different levels of support options, INview, INsync and INcommand:

A basic device management option offering device inventory, including monitoring of device status and serial numbers, asset reports and telephone technical support

A robust device management option offering which includes INview services plus proactive monitoring, remote troubleshooting, device statistics and management, real-time information on battery life, power status and customized email and SMS alerts

Afull wireless network management option which includes INsync services, monitoring of WLAN and/or WWAN status and signal strength, network troubleshooting and printer tracking, as well as monitoring of WWAN data usage, SMS, email and phone history

These options allow full accommodation for diverse customer needs. Best of all, information is available in real-time at any time via a secure web browser. In addition, INcontrol helps in avoiding downtime via custom asset reports, giving management a higher visibility to the state, location and utilization of mobile devices. If devices are lost, they can be wiped from a remote location, protecting critical business information.

For more information on Intermec and their products, learn more here.