Battle of the Smartphones

If you work for an enterprise business, then you probably have a company-issued Blackberry in addition to your personal mobile device, which these days, is most likely an iPhone or Android. So, if iPhones and Androids are so popular with consumers, then why are Blackberries still being issued so much? Well, while they may still be one of the top choices for businesses, iPhones and Android devices are quickly catching up.

Rather than having two devices, consumers are looking to simplify their lives by having one device that can function for both business and pleasure. Since consumers are already accustomed to intimately using their iPhones and Androids, it makes sense that these also be used in corporate settings.

One thing that kept companies interested in BlackBerry was their ability to provide secure e-mail communications, but now businesses will be able to find more software services to combat security concerns, opening doors for other smartphones such as the iPhone and Android.

For workers inside the four walls and those who do light work in the field, a smartphone such as the Android, which is predicted to have 12.7% of the market by 2014, is a great choice. However, for those field workers who are in rugged or harsh environments, specialized devices are still necessary.

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