Battle of the Barcodes… Literally!

Until recently, barcodes were seen as something of interest only to those in the industry, and perhaps retailers who scanned them daily. With the advent of QR codes/2D barcodes, barcodes are now viewed as interactive elements that connect the real world with the digital world. When, these two worlds collide, the possibilities are endless, with more and more apps being developed to further enhance the mobile world.

Barcode Beasties, a free gaming app designed for Android phones, takes the potential of fun with barcodes to the max by creating a multi-player environment that will eventually let thousands of users to battle each other simultaneously.

In its current version, Barcode Beasties allows players to scan up to two barcodes via any standard barcode scanning software. Once Beasties is installed, barcodes can be scanned via the Beasties intergace. Once scanned, a simple tap on the screen transforms the barcodes into mystical creatures and with a second tap to the screen, the “barcodes” begin to battle. After an intense battle, one beast will be declared the winner.

While the current version only supports two Beasties for battle, the next version will add 3-D graphics and the multi-player environment, creating a highly interactive app. With the help of Google apps, Beasties developers anticipate a network of over 50,000 users to start.

Developers even envision Barcode Beasties to be used for barcode training, product marketing and even product line promotion. In my opinion, I can definitely see the multi-player version becoming a revolution, maybe even as big as World of Warcraft or Second Life for the mainstream.

Would you play Barcode Beasties on your mobile phone? Even if you wouldn’t, do you think it will catch on as much as predicted? Let us know by posting here, or on our Facebook page.