Battle of the Barcodes – JAGTAG has Success with Sports Illustrated

There has been much debate over whether or not JAGTAG, QR codes or Microsoft Tag will be used most prevalently in the United States. While QR codes have, and still are, primarily being used in Japan, JAGTAG is gaining popularity in the US.

If you’ve seen the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, you may have noticed bikini model JAGTAGs next to model’s photographs. Once a reader snapped a photo of the JAGTAG with their mobile phone, they received additional content of that model. This campaign had over 100,000 mobile engagements, making the Sports Illustrated JAGTAG campaign the most successful 2D barcode campaign ever reported in the US.

The successful campaign is a major breakthrough for the 2D barcode industry, and a powerful sign that 2D barcode solutions are becoming more and more popular in America. I think that JAGTAGS success in the US can be pinpointed to the fact that they work with every carrier and every phone that has a camera—there’s no app download or Internet access required.

While all forms of 2D barcode technology continue to grow in the US, it’s good to see that the Sports Illustrated campaign was so successful. Since not everyone has a smartphone or data plan, I can see why JAGTAG is so successful in the US, however, I wonder what will happen in a few years when more people have smartphones and downloading apps becomes the norm—will regular QR codes take over?