Bass Pro Shops Uses Intermec Devices for Warehouse Management

Bass Pro Shops Uses Intermec Devices for Warehouse Bass Pro Shops are a chain of retail stores that provide a unique shopper experience by creating an outdoor environment for consumers to purchase their outdoor related goods. Since all of the stores are so large, it can be difficult to manage all the merchandise. Their solution: implement wireless technology from Intermec.

To keep track of all their inventory in the million-square-foot distribution center, Bass Pro Shop uses over two hundred Intermec wireless handheld computers with wireless LAN access points located throughout the center. These same Intermec wireless handheld computers are also used in all of their retail stores. It’s great to be able to use the same mobile computer in the warehouse and in the store!

Prior to using Intermec mobile computers, Bass Pro Shops used a manual paper-based system to keep an inventory of their products. As you can imagine, this process was inefficient, tedious, and left room for many errors.

Now, with Intermec mobile computers, workers are able to use the handhelds to keep track of thousands of SKU’s without having to worry about errors. In addition, the merchandise is constantly being tracked throughout the warehouse as its put away, picked, packed, and moved onto trucks for delivery, so there’s never a moment where inventory in unaccounted for.

Going from a completely manual, paper-based system to a completely wireless one was a big change for Bass Pro Shops, but Intermec was happy to bring about such change. The switch made workers at Bass Pro Shops more efficient and less frustrated, helping them to add more stores and markets.

If your company uses a paper-based system for inventory tracking, then it’s time you caught on to the technological revolution like Bass Pro Shops did, and start managing mobility from the edge of your enterprise.