BarTender Librarian: Document Management at its Finest

librarianBarTender Librarian offers a system for defining and implementing document management rules in conjunction with a SQL-based alternative to the commonly-used Windows file system.

Secure Data Storage
All of the BarTender label formats are stored in Librarian, rather than your hard drive. This library actually exists in the BarTender System database, allowing for easy setting of security rights and ensuring that only authorized users have access to the database. The BarTender System can also control which users can run Librarian and what permissions they will have once in the program.

Easy Migration of Files
Authorized users can add files to the Librarian database by simply dragging and dropping.

Automatic and Manual Functionality
Librarian allows users to “check out” a label format, meaning that other users will be prevented from editing the label, but can still use it, until you check the label back into Librarian.

File Revision History
Aside from timestamps, Librarian allows users to manage their documents with optional workflow states, saving the document with each revision and thus granting users revision history. This becomes crucial because if some changes to a document are unacceptable, you can actually rollback to a previous version.

Workflow States
Librarian enables users to define custom states for assigning to different file revisions, such as “proposed”and approved.”

The BarTender Librarian application is available in the Enterprise Print Server edition of BarTender. For more information on BarTender, learn more here.