BarkCode, the Barcode for your Pet

BarkCode uses 2D barcodes to reconnect lost pets with their owners

There’s been quite a few RFID solutions for pets, but I hadn’t seen any that involved barcodes, until now. Meet BarkCode, a company that focuses on reuniting lost pets with their owners by using barcodes.

BarkCode uses 2D barcodes printed on tags. If a pet is found, the 2D barcode can be scanned and linked to their pet profile with Emergency Contact Info, including the pet’s name, owner contact information, medical conditions, medications the pet is presently taking, breed, gender, color, height and weight. I’m sold, my pet needs that. Profile information can also include veterinarian contact information and even information on a reward for the found pet. In the case where someone finds a pet and they do not have a smartphone, the url is also printed on the tag.

BarkCode seems like a great alternative to the RFID chip implant. Would you create a BarkCode for your pet—why or why not? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.