#BarcodingEF8 Video of the Week: Unlocking Value in Manufacturing/Logistics Processes with Intelligent RFID

#BarcodingEF8 Video of the Week: Unlocking Value in Manufacturing/Logistics Processes with Intelligent RFID

Welcome to the 10th installment in our series commemorating the Barcoding, Inc. 8th Annual Executive Forum, held in October of last year. We are bringing you a new #TBT Video of the Week each week, showcasing a different session from EF8. If you haven’t seen last week’s video, in which Drew Ehlers of Zebra Technologies discusses trends in our on-demand, e-commerce economy, you can find it here.

This Week’s Video and Speaker
Link Labs is a leader in low-power, low-data use wireless solution development, “providing power and data efficiency while delivering world-class performance at a lower cost per asset”. Bob Proctor, the CEO of Link Labs, hosted the session featured in this week’s video: “Track I: Unlocking Value in Manufacturing/Logistics Processes with Intelligent RFID.” Proctor holds a PhD in Applied Physics from Cornell and has since gained decades of senior executive experience.

Intelligent RFID
When your business is running on a tight schedule and manages a lot of products and parts, improved visibility can make a huge difference in efficiency. New technology like intelligent RFID can help! In the video, Proctor addresses trends in asset tracking and monitoring that are changing how businesses keep track of important data, and save time and money.

Link Labs and AirFinder
There are a few challenges associated with tracking: GPS tracking is expensive and can be unreliable for use indoors. Cellular networks are another option, but they are “not optimized for industrial and commercial operations”. Enter AirFinder: an indoor/outdoor asset tracking and monitoring solution, created by Link Labs. Link Labs and Barcoding have joined forces to make the best use of this exciting new tool. Together, we installed it in a manufacturing facility, where this time-saving solution reduced hours of manual work for employees by automatically tracking the location of a large amount of products.

Press Play
Check out the video below to listen to more case studies with AirFinder and learn how innovations are changing the way we manage the supply chain:

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