#BarcodingEF8 Video of the Week: Tracking Items in an Enterprise World

#BarcodingEF8 Video of the Week: Tracking Items in an Enterprise World

Welcome to our #TBT Video of the Week series! Each week, we have been featuring a new video to commemorate the Barcoding, Inc. 8th Annual Executive Forum, held in October of last year. If you missed it, make sure to check out last week’s video here, where Bob Proctor, CEO of Link Labs, discusses intelligent RFID and wireless solutions.

This Week’s Video and Speaker
In today’s video, Greg Henry, President of Client Solutions at Barcoding, gives us a glimpse into the future of tracking. The session is titled “Track II: Tracking Items in an Enterprise World.”

The Trouble With Tracking
In our supply chain world, tracking is part of the everyday operations. It is important to keep tabs on everything from demo equipment and raw goods to inventory and final products without inaccuracies, but there are many methods that do not provide the most effective management. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems give businesses the benefit of having a “single corporate version of the truth,” with one consistent version of tracking, however, they are expensive and often require intervention of IT. Excel spreadsheets are easy to edit, but make it hard to collaborate between employees. Paper forms are costly to print, difficult to edit, and can lead to issues with accuracy.

A Better Solution
Improve workflow with a better solution! As a flexible, cloud-based subscription system, IntelliTrack provides an easier way to facilitate tracking. IntelliTrack is customizable so that businesses can use their current vocabulary and users can choose between an asset model and an inventory model, or both. In the video, Henry describes how you can save money and time by tracking assets and monitoring inventory with this innovative software. Learn more about IntelliTrack.

Learn More
Watch the video below to learn more about tracking solutions and how to better manage inventory and assets with IntelliTrack:

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