#BarcodingEF8 Recap: Part 2

This is part 2 in our 3 part series recapping #BarcodingEF8. If you haven’t read part 1, please go back and take a look!

#BarcodingEF8 Breakout Sessions

Barcoding’s commitment to our customers is that we provide them with the ability to be more efficient, accurate, and connected. This year, we hosted two content tracks to help do just that.

Track I: Future Proofing your Supply Chain

An Innovation Interview
Track I of #BarcodingEF8 kicked off with our very own Jody Costa, VP of Marketing, interviewing Eric Bunts, CIO of Mirabito.

Bunts began the discussion by stating gasoline was simply not an innovative industry, but his persistence and desire to be CIO paid off. Bunts suggested knowing your audience—he presented data driven messages to data driven people, and it worked. He was able to enact real change at Mirabito through finding partners that shared his same passion for success.

Watch the live video from #BarcodingEF8 to see Costa and Bunts in action:

The Supply Chain of the Future: Using Digital Technologies to Create an Intelligent Edge
This lively discussion featured Drew Ehlers, Global Director, Zebra Technologies, discussing how the on-demand economy is shaping the future of logistics. The consumer mindset has been bleeding into the enterprise, and workers are going to get frustrated if they can’t be mobile—it’s a natural extension of how they work. Ehlers stressed that speed is the new currency for business—everything is happening at a faster pace and businesses need to keep up.

Watch the live video from #BarcodingEF8 to hear Ehlers discuss healthcare, his travels, and so much more:

Solutions Showcase

This year, our Solutions Showcase was bigger and better than ever! Our partners and sponsors lined the walls of the Turf Valley Resort, creating the perfect environment to network and make connections.

Our Platinum Partner, Zebra Technologies, impressed attendees by not only showcasing their technology solutions, but also giving away adorable plush Zebras!

Innovator of the Year Award
The 2018 Innovator of the Year was announced during lunch, and all of the #SupplyChainGeeks in attendance were pleased to learn that Northwestern University was the recipient.

With our help, the Center for Comparative Medicine at Northwestern moved from a paper-based system to our Operational Management System. We created a scanning system and RFID software interface that worked with their existing systems and communicated over their Wi-Fi network to create RFID smart applications, providing the lab with real-time results. Watch the video below to see the award being given:

The Future of Inventory Accuracy in the Retail Supply Chain
barcodingef8_searsFollowing the Solutions Showcase, Lunch, and Innovator of the Year Award, it was time to get back on track, Track I, that is!

The next track featured Jason Hixenbaugh, Sr. Director of Supply Chain at Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores. While most people associate Sears with going out of business, Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores is actually quite profitable, thanks in part to its successful logistics strategy. Hixenbaugh shared with us the journey how store inventory management went from manual to completely automated with RFID and RTLS.

Unlocking Value in Manufacturing/Logistics Processes with Intelligent RFID
Next, we heard from Bob Proctor, CEO of Link Labs, on how AirFinder, Link Labs’ indoor/outdoor asset tracking and monitoring solution, improved visibility into the location of parts, supplies, shipments and products, taking a deep dive into the cloud and AirFinder Architecture.


The Future of Parts Inventory Management: A Study in MRO Efficiency
MRO is a subject near and dear to our hearts—our #SupplyChainGeeks even had an MRO demonstration at the Forum! Stan Marshall from Georgia Pacific gave his presentation on MRO and how improving parts issuance was quintessential to his organizations success. Marshall explained that just because the organization had always done things a certain way, did not mean there wasn’t a better solution. Through persistence and hard work, Marshall was able to transform the way cycle counting was done—going from 15,000 items in 9 months, to 7,000 items in just 2 hours with 100% accuracy! Here’s what Marshall learned:


WIP 2.0: From Spreadsheets to Big Data
The final Track I presentation did not disappoint. Param Shah from Factory Four explained how he leverages the power of cloud native applications to create configurable workflows and help organizations achieve advanced traceability levels within 30 days. See the live recording of Shahs’ session to learn more:

But Wait, There’s More!
Stay tuned for Part III of our recap series to find out what happened in Track I at #BarcodingEF8! Can’t wait? Check out our twitter moment from the day, or register for the Encore Executive Forum in Oak Brook, IL!

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